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All Eyes on the Amazon is a unique coalition of eleven indigenous, environmental and human rights organizations, and an international enforcement organization.

Hivos is an international organization looking for new solutions to persistent world problems. Using smart projects in the right places, Hivos fights discrimination, inequality, the abuse of power and the degradation of our environment. In Latin America, we have a long track record of supporting indigenous movements, human rights activists and environmental organizations. Hivos has also supported many NGOs that help indigenous peoples in the Andes who are fighting for their land rights, participation and development.

Greenpeace is an international environmental organization active in 55 countries that fights for renewable energy, healthy forests, living oceans, clean production processes and sustainable agriculture. Greenpeace organizes successful, research-based campaigns that make environmental problems visible and motivate governments and companies to offer solutions.  Greenpeace Brazil has a long history of cooperation with the indigenous inhabitants of the rainforest.

COICA is the main representative for all Amazon peoples. By lobbying on both the national and an international level, COICA and its national offices play a crucial role in defending and promoting indigenous rights.

ISS. The International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam is an internationally acclaimed institute for teaching and research in critical development studies. The ISS has a long history of studying the dynamics of conflicts and the collaboration in the management of natural resources in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Technical capacity building for the local monitoring activities and impact measurements are a part of this.

DD. Digital Democracy is an expert in modern media and technology, with experience in working with local forest dwellers. The organisation supports marginalised communities in the use of technology for the defence of their rights. Digital Democracy closes the gap between innovative technology and activism on a local level.

GFW. Global Forest Watch (GFW) is an online platform that harnesses the power of big data and cutting edge technology to provide near-real-time information about where and how forests are changing around the world. GFW is an accessible forest monitoring tool for law enforcement, supply chain management, investigative journalism, NGO campaigns, community forestry, education and more. The GFW partnership is convened by World Resources Institute with over 100 organizations that contribute data, technology, expertise and action to ensure that transparency drives greater accountability for managing and protecting the world’s remaining forest landscapes.

UMD. The University of Maryland is a public research university that contributed significantly to the international Intact Forest Landscapes map and developed an advanced alarm system for deforestation. The University contributes to the Global Forest Watch platform.

INTERPOL INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 192 member countries. Its role is to support all law enforcement agencies around the world to work together across all crime types, through targeted training, expert investigative support, relevant data and secure communication channels. Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests) is a specific INTERPOL initiative against illegal logging, illicit timber trafficking and related crimes. In this project, Project LEAF will analyse the information provided by partner organizations to identify criminal networks involved in illegal logging and illicit timber trade and disseminate the reports to local law enforcement contacts

BOTH ENDS is an organization that combines environmental activism with development. Both ENDS analyses production chains and lobbies at a national and international level for the improvement of regulating mechanisms and due diligence. Both ENDS has a wide network of NGOs in the Amazon.

WITNESS is an expert in the use of video for social action. The organization teaches local communities how to use video to more effectively convey a message and focuses on the way in which video can be used in a legal context.

ARTICLE 19 advocates for the right to information. The organization offers training and legal advice to partners of the project and coordinates activities aimed at protecting human rights activists and activists who are being threatened. ARTICLE 19 is responsible for the setting up of a safety network.

All eyes on the Amazon has been made possible by the support of:

Dutch Postcode Lottery The Dutch Postcode Lottery provides long-term institutional support to organisations worldwide working in the areas of development cooperation, human rights, nature conservation, the environment and social cohesion in the Netherlands. Since the start in 1989, the Dutch Postcode Lottery has contributed over € 5.4 billion to charity organisations.

Swedish Postcode Foundation The Swedish Postcode Foundation aims to promote positive social impact and seeks long-term solutions to local and global challenges. We work universally to support projects that promote human rights, nature and environment, arts and culture, and sports. This variation creates a dynamic collection of multi-level actions that result in positive change and ultimately a better world. The Swedish Postcode Foundation is a beneficiary to the Swedish Postcode Lottery and since its establishment in 2007, has distributed over one billion SEK in support of more than 450 projects worldwide.

Postcode Planet Trust The Postcode Planet Trust was established in 2014 and supports charities and good causes that support the environment and the enjoyment of nature across the world. Postcode Planet Trust operates its own society lottery and is entirely funded by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery.