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The starting point in all our activities is the cooperation with local and Indigenous communities; the people who have been living in and with the forest for centuries. Where the land rights of Indigenous Peoples have been acknowledged and legally protected, the primal forests are practically untouched.

Our integrated approach

Radical transparency: collecting evidence
Thanks to new radar satellite technology and evidence from from local communities inside the forest, we know where deforestation takes place. Inside intact forest areas we will map the territories of indigenous inhabitants together. We systematically investigate who is responsible for this and who profits.

Full responsibility: evidence based action
We take coordinated action to stop those destroying the forest. This consists of creating public scrutiny, activating law enforcement, starting (international) lawsuits and mobilizing the public through (worldwide) campaigns. To do this, our partners receive training in all these areas as well as personal safety. We also aim at those financing and protecting deforestation and lax politicians and organisations. Together we force them to make firm agreements and powerful laws in order to end deforestation.

Indigenous land rights: improve enabling conditions
We seek acknowledgment and enforcement of the land rights of indigenous people and demand that governments fund the crucial work of local teams of forest rangers. To this end, we lobby for international acknowledgement of indigenous land rights.

Learning, sharing and scaling up
We add a ‘Linking and Learning’ component that systematically records lessons and new insights and share its knowledge with other organisations pursuing similar aims. In a later stadium, our approach will be scaled up . The ultimate goal is to not stop deforestation only in the Amazon, but all around the world.